The Different Types of Glass Windows for Your New Home Build

September 25, 2020
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You’ll need to make countless decisions when you choose to build your home. Selecting the type of window for your house is a critical decision. Keep reading about the different types of glass windows available today.

Why Window Type Matters

There’s no doubt that beautiful windows add considerable curb appeal to a home. Along with making a house look more attractive, the right window glass improves the structure’s energy efficiency. You’ll save bundles of your hard-earned cash on utility bills when you install energy friendly windows.

Fortunately, today’s different types of glass help to ensure optimal energy efficiency in new home build. By choosing a window that meets ENERGY STAR criteria, you can be sure that your home will stand up to outdoor temperature demands. Your house will stay comfortably cozy in the winter and cool during the sweltering summer months.

Different Types of Glass

It’s worth giving thought to what type of glass to use in your new windows. After all, ineffective glass won’t reward you with the level of energy efficiency that your new home deserves. We recommend that you consult with a premium window glass company, such as Kryger Glass, to pick an appropriate type of glass.

When selecting the glass for your windows, you can say goodbye to single pane window glass new builds. While initially more cost-effective, a single pane of glass isn’t energy-efficient and won’t help stop outside noise from intruding into your home.

In place of a single glass pane, modern homes typically feature double and triple panes. There is a gas between the panes to boost the overall insulating ability of the window. The extra panes promote optimal indoor temperatures and noise reduction. 

For most homeowners, a high-quality double pane window is a terrific choice. However, if your new house sits in a region with an extreme climate, it might make sense to upgrade to a triple pane. Although certainly pricier, three panes of glass provide substantial protection from severe outdoor weather conditions. 

Add Some Privacy

Do you want to prevent strangers from easily seeing into your home? If privacy is a significant concern for you, you can achieve it through smart window glass decisions. For instance, Pella offers such options as tints, reflective glass, and frosted glass to ensure that your indoor spaces stay private.

Hurricane Resistance

Homeowners living in areas prone to severe storms can benefit from the impact-resistant glass offered by manufacturers such as Pella, Marvin, and Andersen. As Storm Solutions notes, some of the perks that come with installing impact-resistant glass include

  • Superior Noise Reduction
  • UV Protection
  • Storm Protection
  • Potential Homeowner’s Insurance Premium Reductions

As you can see, the smart window choice is to opt for multi-panes in your new home build. Focusing on what you need in your new windows will help to guide you in a smart purchase. Windows are too expensive to make a hasty choice only to have to search for replacement windows down the road.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, of all the decisions you’ll make during your home’s construction, choosing top quality windows is vital. Consider the different types of glass windows to determine which one best fits your budget and requirements. 

Kryger Glass provides a complete selection of high-quality residential glass products. Contact us for help with all of your Kansas City area window selection and installation projects.

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