Tired of Your Car Windows Fogging?

September 9, 2021
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Having the recurring problem of fogging windows? This is a problem that needs an immediate fix as it is dangerous for you and others on the roads. Depending on the time of the year there are various causes for foggy windows, but it’s usually a lot more common in the colder months.  

What Causes Fogging Windows?

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  • A Broken Window SealThis can cause rain droplets to enter the car and turn to water vapor. This is a problem that can be fixed, but it’s essential to do it sooner rather than later so it doesn’t lead to future problems like mold and rot.
  • Respiration From PassengersIf it’s cold outside, this problem is more common, but the moisture can build up on the windows if there is too much condensation in the air. 
  • Damp Floors From Rain or SnowIf there is moisture in your car mats, they can fog up the car if left long enough. 
  • Open Bottles or Wet Umbrellas – On a hot summer’s day, anything that contains liquid in your car can evaporate, leading to your foggy windows.  

How to Handle Foggy Windows While Driving?

Foggy windows can impede a driver’s vision and can be extremely hazardous. Many drivers will try and wipe the windows with their sleeves, but that will only make it worse. If you find yourself driving and this problem occurs, use the following tips.

  1. If it’s not raining, you can open windows to let fresh air flow through the vehicle. 
  2. If it’s cold outside, the last thing you would think to do is turn on the air conditioner. However, the air conditioner is one of the best ways to get rid of fogged up windows quickly in the cold. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air inside of a car. 
  3. The heater also can be used to get rid of fogging by increasing the temperature of the windows. 
  4. Drivers may want to use the defogging setting to direct hot air onto the windshield. 
  5. Whatever you do, whether using the air conditioner, heater, or defogger to get rid of window fogging, do not use the recirculation setting. This is because recirculating the air keeps the moisture trapped inside the car. 

Faulty Window Seals: What to Look For

Cars have a rubber seal around the windows; they are referred to as weather stripping or a window seal. It’s important to know when it’s time for a window seal repair so you can prevent other problems that come with faulty seals.  

The weatherstripping in your car is the rubber material around the edges of the doors and windows. Its purpose is to create a seal so that water, noise, and other debris don’t come inside your car. As the rubber ages, it can crack or tear, which can lead to mold and rust eat at up your fabric and window frames. 

Earlier, we mentioned why your car is fogging up, but if you notice these signs first, you will hopefully catch the problem before it starts.

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  • Loud Noise From the Road – If you can hear whistling or loud noises from the road, it’s a common giveaway that the seal on your window has gone bad. 
  • The Car Doesn’t Retain Heat – If you have a hard time keeping the temperature inside your car stable, you need to check your seal. If the weather stripping is cracked and brittle, it can lead to air leaking by displacing the air in the car.  
  • The Rubber from the Seal Looks Old – If you’re looking at your rubber seal, feel it to test its texture. If it’s flaking off to the touch, the rubber has dried out, causing it to let different elements enter your car.
  • If Your Car is 25 Years Old and has the Original Stripping – If you don’t have any of the symptoms, but your car is 25 years old with the original stripping, it’s recommended to replace them. The reason for this is the older the rubber, the bigger the chances are of developing issues. 

Contact Kryger for all Window Needs!

If you check all the things above and still can’t figure out the base of your fogging problem, it could be a faulty window or windshield. At Kryger Glass, we are your go-to glass repair service in the Midwest. Your safety is your number one priority; our number one priority is making sure your windows keep you safe on the road.

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