Understanding Windshield Star Cracks: Repair or Replace?

January 18, 2024

Last updated on May 23, 2024

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It’s not uncommon for windshields to have small, star-shaped cracks. “Star crack windshields” are a common form of windshield damage that can be a hassle to fix and a safety hazard. Many drivers still determine whether to repair or replace the windshield in such situations. This post will examine the nature of windshield star cracks and discuss repair and replacement options. 

Star Crack in Windshield: What Are They? 

A small object like a rock hitting the windshield often forms a star crack. This type of crack features small lines spreading out from a central point, created by the force of impact. Unlike a simple chip or crack, a star crack is challenging to repair as it damages the windshield’s inner and outer layers.

Can A Star Crack in Windshield Be Repaired?

The repairability of a star crack in a windshield largely depends on its size and severity. Typically, it can be fixed if the star crack is no larger than a quarter and its radiating lines are under three inches long. However, exceptions exist based on the crack’s location and depth.

Benefits of Repairing 

Cost-effective: Replacing a windshield entirely is usually more expensive than fixing a star crack. 

Efficiency: Windshield repairs can frequently be completed fast—sometimes in under an hour. 

Eco-responsible: Since repairing a windshield uses fewer materials and energy than replacing it, it is a more environmentally responsible option. 

Repair Procedure 

The following procedures are typically involved in fixing a star crack in a windshield: 

Cleaning the region in question: To remove any debris, the technician will first clean the surrounding fracture region. 

Administering Resin: The crack is filled by injecting a specific resin. 

Treatment of the Resin: Next, ultraviolet radiation is used to cure the resin, which bonds it to the glass and restores the windshield’s natural beauty and strength.

Repair’s Constraints 

It’s crucial to remember that repairs may not return the windshield to its former strength or clarity, even if they are frequently a feasible choice. There are situations where the mended region might still be somewhat apparent. 

When to Have Your Windshield Replaced

In certain circumstances, changing the windshield is the only secure course of action: 

Nature of the Crack: Replacement is typically advised if the windshield star crack is bigger than a quarter or if the cracks extend beyond three inches from the center. 

Placement of the Crack: For safety reasons, replacing cracks in the driver’s line of sight or extremely close to the windshield’s edge is frequently necessary. 

Repeated Cracks: The underlying structure of the windshield may be weakened by multiple star cracks or by a mix of different sorts of cracks, necessitating replacement. 

The extent of the Crack: A replacement is required if the crack penetrates the windshield’s inner and outer layers. 

Replacement Procedure 

Replacing a windshield involves removing the damaged one and fitting a new one. This process, being more complex and time-consuming than simple crack repair, should always be handled by professionals.

Suggestions for Replacing 

Price: Replacing something costs more money than fixing it. 

Labor: Replacing a windshield requires more time than repairing it. 

Efficiency: Verify that the safety regulations are met and that the new windshield is of superior quality. 

Depending on the crack’s size, location, and severity, whether to replace or repair the windshield will be determined. Repairing minor, superficial fractures is an efficient, economical, and eco-friendly solution. However, replacement is best if the cracks are bigger, more profound, or strategically positioned. Remember that driving with a damaged windshield can be risky for both you and other drivers. Repair star cracks in the windshield immediately to keep your car safe and compliant with traffic laws. 
Need help in deciding if you need replacement or just windshield repair in Davenport? Get advice from a qualified auto glass expert. At Kryger Glass, we can evaluate the extent of the damage and suggest the best course of action, guaranteeing your security and comfort while driving.

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