What Are Storm Windows and Do I Need One?

May 25, 2021

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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Weather can take a toll on your home over time, which is why having windows that can handle the elements is crucial to homeownership. Luckily with storm windows, there is a solution to making your home strong against the elements. With the style of frame and the quality of glass, storm windows can be a great customizable addition to weatherproofing your home. 

What are storm windows? 

Storm windows are an extra frame of glass installed on the interior or exterior of your home’s already existing windows to protect your home from storms and everyday outdoor elements. Whether you live in an area with extreme winds and cold temperatures or an area with hot and humid summers and many rainy days, storm windows can bring peace of mind by keeping moisture and leaks out and regulating your home’s temperature. 

Why get storm windows for your home?

As a homeowner, you may wonder if you need storm windows. Storm windows don’t just defend against harsh weather, but also the hot and cold days as well. If you are looking to reduce your heating and cooling bills that come from hot midwestern summers and freezing cold winters storm windows can help. Storm windows also work as a great barrier to moisture.

Outside of their basic functionality, storm windows are also hardly noticeable. With many style options available, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality when making your home “weatherproof”. There’s a storm window for all styles of home, meaning you can get creative while weatherproofing. 

Installation of Storm Windows

If you are interested in getting storm windows installed in your home you need to consider a few things beyond style. Installing storm windows requires very high attention to detail. Though it is possible to DIY your storm window installation, it’s best to hire a residential window and glass expert to do the job quickly and efficiently. If installed improperly your windows can fog up or collect condensation, potentially causing further damages to your home instead of protecting it. When it comes to installing your storm windows, get the job done right the first time. Kryger Glass has some great options for your repairs, replacements, and regular maintenance over time. 

Are Storm Windows a Good Fit?

You may find yourself wondering if your home needs storm windows. There’s no doubt that there’s a high list of benefits that comes with storm window installation. Moisture defense and temperature regulation are the main reasons most people make sure their home is storm-ready. 

Weather can be brutal. The benefit of storm windows is the ability to keep the hot air out in the summer, and the cold air out in the winter. Regulating your home’s temperature, and protecting your home from additional moisture can make these windows a valuable asset to any home. 

Interested in Learning More? We’d Love to Help! 

Set up an appointment to speak with a Kryger Glass expert about your home’s storm windows and the installation today! Or call us at (866)259-2081.

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