What Is A Car Window Seal Repair And When Do You Need It?

While you can find many drivers in the midwest that are handy, they can’t fix everything. Some items, like car window seal repair, require a specialized service company. 

While you can find many drivers in the midwest that are handy, they can’t fix everything. Some items, like car window seal repair, require a specialized service company. 

Your automotive glass can leak for a variety of reasons, including strong winds and pressure. As we drive throughout Tornado Alley, it becomes an all too common occurrence. At Kryger Glass, we repair, replace, and install new rubber window seals every day. Continue reading to find out when and why you should service yours.

What is Car Window Seal Repair?

Between your vehicle’s interior and the hood is your windshield, protecting you from the elements. Providing cushion against both glass and metal are rubber seals and weatherstripping.

Wherever your car has glass, it likely has at least some sealant in place. Otherwise, water and air would seep in either while driving or parked. You will notice when your vehicle becomes louder with traffic sounds or has wet seats. Contact us now to repair or replace your vehicle’s rubber seals.

Moisture Leaks

The worst time to find out your rubber seals wore out is at the car wash. However, it isn’t just a problem now, but after it lingers.

When the seats, carpets, and mats remain moist, they soon grow mold and mildew. If it stays in your vehicle, you could develop health concerns eventually from it. Mold can also be challenging to get rid of when it gets inside car fabrics. The best way to fight mold growth is with car window seal repair right away.  

Aging Cars

While that classic convertible looks sharp, it also has a problem you haven’t spotted yet. Many older vehicles have worn out seals and weatherstripping that go overlooked before it rains.

One of the first items you should have addressed right away is seal repair. Even if it visually seems okay, old rubber doesn’t maintain its form. That could mean damage to your windows or glass rubbing against metal. Protect your investment and have us replace your car’s old weatherstripping today.

Rear Windshields

When your automotive troubles are behind you, they can become tough to notice. Oftentimes, it isn’t until you find your belongings soaked that you discover worn-out seals.

Rear windshields, especially in pickup trucks, can suffer as much as front-facing glass panes. Things like fender benders or too many stored items can damage them more often. It could also be something as benign as kids kicking the glass from inside. If your rear windshields aren’t keeping out noise and moisture, contact us for repairs.  

Automotive Paint

Trust us; you don’t want automotive paint seeping into your car’s interior. If you can’t remember when you replaced your rubber seals last, go ahead and get it done now.

Most painting services will include doing this service for you if you ask them. Since they will prep your vehicle anyway, it doesn’t take much additional time. You can also schedule us to have it done ahead of time. Contact us to keep your vehicle’s interior resealed for maximum protection.

Do You Need Car Window Seal Repair?

New rubber weatherstripping is a common service needed for many drivers. Although it’s not one you might think of, it’s a necessary part of maintenance. Choose Kryger Glass today for affordable repairs for any of your vehicle’s glass panes.

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