What to Look for When Buying New or Replacement Windows

January 15, 2021
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Windows are a part of every home, whether it’s newly built or inherited family property. When it’s time to replace your windows, you’ll see signs of wear and tear or breakage that can’t be repaired. Drafty windows can also affect your energy efficiency and can lead to leaks and moisture damage.

Kryger Glass has been working with families and commercial clients for all of their window needs for many years. We are happy to share our experience with you about what to look for when buying new windows. 

Signs That Your Windows Need to be Replaced

Most modern windows are constructed with two layers of glass with a thin layer of insulative argon gas framed with vinyl or plastic to secure it all together. If your windows begin to crack at the edges or gather moisture and condensation in between the panes, then they’ve lost their insulative value. This opens your home or business up to damage. Other warning signs around windows might be broken and rotting frames or fittings that create drafts. 

Buying New Windows

When you buy new windows, you’ll want to consider several factors, because windows serve many purposes. They protect you from the elements, they insulate your home, they provide natural light into your space, and they can make or break your curb appeal. 


All modern windows are rated for different levels of efficiency. This means that you can get windows that will save you in the long run with your heating and cooling bills for more money. Further, the cost of your windows and their efficiency levels can add value to your home in a resale situation. 

Some windows include an extra pane layer that can significantly reduce noise. If you live in a loud neighborhood, near a train, or under a flight path, you may want to consider this window style. 


Depending on your home or office building style, you’ll want to consider the aesthetics of the windows you’re having installed. Putting in the wrong style on a building can feel out of place and ruin your curb appeal. Setting up the right window style will attract buyers and increase your home’s value in the future. 

The right style can also help you choose appropriate trim and accents for your exterior and add a whole new level of sophistication to your home. New windows can revitalize an old home and bring it new life.


Beyond the number of panes and the window’s shape, you can also choose from many different styles. For example, double-hung windows have two moving sections that can slide up or down, depending on your needs. While side-slide windows only open halfway and slide to the side. A more elaborate example is a hopper or awning style swing window. This style will also affect the functionality of the window. 


In the process of replacing your windows, you’ll want to research the best options for installation. If you’re incredibly handy, you could do it yourself. However, window work can be quite dangerous, and if improperly installed, they will lose their insulative value. 

When you work with professional installers, like the Kryger Glass team, you’ll be covered with years of experience, licensing, and insurance. Give us a call today. 

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