When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

April 14, 2022

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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Windshield wipers are sometimes forgotten because they might not be used often, depending on the weather, but they are very important. When the rain starts to come down, you want to make sure that you are able to drive as safely as possible with the best vision possible. That’s why it is so important to update your windshield wipers regularly. Understanding the cadence on which your wipers should be replaced is just another required maintenance update that any vehicle owner needs to know. What makes it tricky, is the lifespan of windshield wipers can vary depending on the weather that your car endures.

Windshield Wipers Life Span

Most companies recommend that their customers replace their wipers every six months to a year. This is because they want to provide the safest product for their customers. However, the lifespan of windshield wipers can be influenced by the weather they endure. The longer they are exposed to the environment, the more the rubber dries out and becomes less effective.

Some people say that the blades can last anywhere from two to three years, but it largely depends on the weather in your area. Here are some of the factors that can affect the lifespan of the wiper:

  • Usage: The more you use the wipers, the quicker they will begin to deteriorate. Over time, the blades rubbing on your windshield begin to wear down the edge.
  • Environment: If you experience a lot of weather and temperature changes, that can also affect your wipers. In cold temperatures, the rubber contracts and vice versa in the heat. If you are in a very dry environment, that could also dry out the rubber.
  • Storage: If you park outside, the rubber can break down from the sun’s UV light. This will weaken the blades if left outside uncovered. 

When is it Time for a Windshield Wiper Replacement?

It is suggested that you replace your wipers on a schedule, not when they are unusable. This is because many factors go into the lifespan of a wiper, and they can change at any time. Here are some signs that it’s time for a replacement if you haven’t already:  

  • Squeaking noises: The process of wiping your windows should be smooth and flawless. If they are creating noise, that’s a good indicator that the material has gone bad. 
  • Vibrations and skidding: Your wipers should move at the same pace as one another. If they are skipping, skidding, or moving at uneven rates, it is another sign that the rubber is old.  
  • Streaks: Your wipers should leave behind a clear window after being used. If there are streaks, that’s a sign that parts of the blade have gone away.
  • Moisture spots: If the wipers are leaving water spots on your windshield, then it’s probably the case that the wipers are no longer effective.

How Much Do Windshield Wipers Cost?

There are a lot of different brands and materials that make up a wiper that can affect the cost. Soft, flexible materials are used to make the actual blade itself to allow it to glide across your glass smoothly. The most common material used is rubber, but it is the least durable. Halogen-hardened blades also last a little longer than your standard rubber blade. Silicone wipers are the most effective blades. They last longer, making them the more expensive choice.  

How to Replace your Wiper 

If it’s time to replace your wipers, you can go to any local auto shop or store and find the right ones for your car. They are all a little different when installing, but they will have specific instructions on how to do so. Most places will have workers present that can help you if you have any issues. Make sure to find the wipers that are the proper size for your car. All cars have different sized windshields, meaning they need different sized blades to wipe your windshield clean properly. If you fail to replace your wipers, they can cause wear and tear on the actual windshield over time.

Kryger Glass: Windshield Wiper Replacement & Windshield Repair

Kryger Glass is happy to help those in Overland Park, Springfield, Kansas City, Sioux City, Davenport, and Omaha with any of their windshield replacements. Give us a call today or stop by one of our stores to get your windshield wipers replaced, If your car windshield is scratched up from old wipers, or for any other reason, we are here to help you with all your windshield repairs and car window replacements. We do everything from auto glass to home installation

Having a smooth and clear windshield is key to you and your passenger’s safety, so if it’s replacing your wipers or windshield, make sure to do so. Work with Kryger Glass today! 

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