Windshield Chip Repair Kits: Why You Should Stop Using Them Now

December 23, 2020
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Sure, you can buy a cheap windshield chip repair kit from nearly anywhere. It doesn’t mean, though, that you should waste time and money on them.

Instead, continue reading to learn why the better choice is always Kryger Glass. Contact us for any windshield chips, cracks, or replacement service needs today.

They Worsen the Situation

A windshield chip repair kit is, at best, a band-aid solution. At worst, they can spread the crack in the glass further.

When the outside temperature is too warm or cold, kits cause added friction. As the glass shrinks or expands, it rubs together.

Some drivers have even had the substance become too hot from the sun. Instead, choose a windshield replacement service to prevent further auto glass headaches.

Voided Warranties

You likely didn’t give a second thought to using a windshield chip repair kit. However, you didn’t realize you were voiding the warranty on your vehicle.

Whoever repaired your windshield last likely included kits in the fine print. They understand that using them can quickly cause the problem to worsen.

If you aren’t sure, contact whatever company you had hired last. They inform you best of how you can repair glass without violating terms of service.

The Crack is Too Large

Most DIY repair kits are only good for small, bullseye-like cracks and not elongated ones. Unfortunately, drivers will often make do with these products, only to worsen them instead.

The resin-based formula of these kits isn’t meant to glue glass together. Rather, it acts as a space filler that bonds the center, preventing further stress.

Once a windshield crack is larger than a quarter, you can’t patch it safely. Contact us to manage your damaged auto glass at affordable pricing.

Even Expensive Kits Fail

Some drivers may think that the answer is to pay for pricier products. That won’t, however, guarantee that they will perform any better or worse.

Most windshield chip repair kits are for small pebble-sized damages and not much else. Worst still is, when installed in direct line of sight, it can reduce your visibility.

When they dry, they don’t always achieve a crystal-clear finish, solidifying instead. Before you obstruct your view, we offer a safe and affordable alternative.

Your Windshield Could Fail in Traffic

You follow the directions and allow the epoxy to harden before driving again. You didn’t realize, though, how much vibration your vehicle makes, especially while idling.

It could produce enough friction that the glass shatters while you’re behind the wheel. Not only is it terrifying, but the police will soon notice.

Worst still is the broken glass becomes a hazard to other drivers, too. Avoid this scary mistake and leave your auto glass repairs to us.

It’s Probably More Affordable to Replace Your Windshield

Depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and weight class, replacing windshields can prove surprisingly affordable. Many insurance companies will even cover your costs, partially or entirely, based on your policy.

They would rather pay to replace damaged auto glass than have it break during use. Policyholders know that a safe driver is one that files fewer claims, too. Don’t waste your money on cheap and ineffective windshield chip repair kits. Hire Kryger Glass for affordable replacement services.

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