Windshield Worries: Cracks from Construction

July 4, 2018

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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Summertime weather sets the scene for major upgrades to our highways and freeways, and unfortunately the looming end of summer doesn’t always mean the end of road construction. When you hit the road, you drive carefully and watch out for other cars. What you don’t expect is for the road to hit you back when you’re driving around Kansas City, MO. Our auto glass repair teams see all kinds of windshield damage this time of year caused by accidents involving road construction.

More Often Than You Think

When you’re traveling through construction zones or following behind equipment trucks, it can happen in an instant. You don’t always see it coming, but you’d recognize the sound. That loud ping of something hitting your windshield can be very frightening. But it happens more often than you think along stretches of road construction, and it’s often caused by:

  • Pea gravel blowing off an uncovered truck bed.
  • Debris thrown into the air by heavy tires.
  • Tools and equipment not secured to the truck ahead.

Your windshield is built with safety glass that usually prevents dangerous breakage, but an encounter with a passing road construction crew can leave it dinged, chipped, or cracked.

Small Cracks, Big Problems

It’s never a good idea to ignore windshield damage. Without proper repair, a few small cracks and chips can cause big problems as they spread and weaken the windshield’s structure. Every time you hit a bump in the road, vibrations put stress on the damaged glass. Some chips and cracks call for a complete windshield replacement if:

  • The damage is in your direct line of sight.
  • Affected areas are larger than a dollar bill.
  • Your windshield is old and already damaged.

Safe, Affordable Solutions

Today’s technology makes most windshield repair jobs fast and efficient. If you can’t bring your car into the shop, our teams can come to you. We keep our fleet vans stocked and ready to roll this time of year. Our staff knows how to handle the insurance process too, so you don’t have to bother with phone calls and paperwork. When you need safe, affordable windshield repair solutions, you can depend on us.

When the Road Hits Back

From the I-29 Loop downtown to the western stretch of I-35, we know you drive carefully. We hope our tips help you stay cautious wherever you travel. While there’s not much we can do about the abundance of construction projects, stay on the lookout for debris on the side of the road or for full truck beds in front of you. Our windshield specialists are always here for you when the road hits back. You can count on Kryger Glass for the best auto glass repair in Kansas City, MO.

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