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As a homeowner, you know that maintenance and upkeep on your house can feel endless sometimes. But there is one upgrade project that will give you decades of beauty with one installation. Adding or updating the glass in your home will give your house a refreshed look that will last for years.

  Window Repair and Replacement
  Bath and Shower Enclosures
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  Glass Doors
  Hand and Stair Railings
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Full Range of Services

Home Glass Window Repair

Don’t let cracks or other damage stop you from enjoying beautiful windows. The Kryger team can complete repairs on your home’s windows, leaving you with fixtures you will be proud to have on display.

Home Glass Window Replacement

Upgrade to attractive new energy-efficient options with Kryger Glass. We offer a variety of styles to ensure you get just what you want for your home.


Upgrade to attractive new energy-efficient options with Kryger Glass. We offer a variety of styles to ensure you get just what you want for your home.


Kryger’s high-quality artisanship lets you enjoy stunning custom mirrors throughout your home. With a variety of edgework options available, you will have beautiful, one-of-a-kind work.

Bath and Shower Enclosures

Our staff works with you to determine your ideal door style, glass pattern, and hardware finishes. You will end up with a beautiful enclosure to match your bathroom design.

Sliding Glass Doors

Let the light shine in with beautiful sliding glass doors leading to your deck, balcony, or patio. You have many choices from Kryger Glass for amazing slider doors.

Hand & Stair Railings

If you haven’t considered glass railings, it’s time to do so. These additions take your home decor and style to a whole new level. They are safe, durable, and lovely.

Custom Glass Solutions

You deserve glass fixtures that are as unique as you are. With custom glass options from Kryger Glass, your home will have all the personal touches you want.

Glass Tabletops

Update your coffee tables, nightstands, or dining table with custom glass tabletops from Kryger. Our technicians will measure, design, and create beautiful pieces for your home.

Storm Windows

Keep your home secure from Mother Nature with high-quality storm windows. These beauties stand up to the cold to keep you warm and snug.

Thermal Insulated Windows

These window options help keep your home at a steady temperature without spending a fortune on energy bills.

Glass Picture Frames

Do you need to replace the glass in a favorite picture frame? Kryger Glass can handle it. Keep your photos protected with this perfect solution.

Glass Shelves

Bring a light and modern look to your home decor with beautiful glass shelves. The Kryger Glass team can help you plan and design the perfect layout for your needs.

Cabinet Glass

Replace or update the glass in your kitchen cabinets or display cabinets. Kryger offers custom pieces to fit any space necessary.

Customizable Options

Regardless of the services you need, Kryger Glass offers many different choices for safety and customization.

Your home deserves more than just big-box store offerings. So Kryger Glass provides many choices for your windows and other glass installations. You will be able to customize your pieces in four different ways:

  • Glass Thickness - Kryger Glass technicians can craft your pieces in any of these thicknesses: [coming soon]
  • Patterns - To make your glass just the way you want it, consider the following pattern options: [coming soon]
  • Clarity - You can opt for tinted or low-iron glass for different levels of transparency: [coming soon]
  • Edgework - To finish your glass piece with perfection, we offer several different styles of edgework: 
    • Bevel
    • Straight Bevel
    • Double Bevel
    • Flat Polish
    • Pencil Polish
    • Ogee

Safety and Energy Efficiency

Depending on where the glass will be going, customers can choose between tempered or laminated glass. Tempered glass generally goes in doors, bathrooms, and sidelights. There are laws that govern this. It will break into many small pieces rather than large, jagged chunks. Laminated glass is often used in windshields. It has two pieces of glass with a layer of film in between.

For homes here in the Midwest, insulated glass units (IGUs) are an excellent choice. They consist of two to four panes of glass separated by an inert gas such as argon. The gas acts as an insulating layer, helping you avoid heat loss in your house. The panes have separators in between them to allow room for the gas. The entire unit is one piece in its frame. IGUs are available with:

  • Low-E Glass
  • Tints
  • Patterns

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