What You Need to Know About Auto Glass Repair and Insurance 

November 22, 2022

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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Your windshield and windows integrity are important for your car as they keep you inside and block anything from flying into the vehicle. However, we sometimes run into situations where the glass can crack or break entirely. 

Accessing the correct information as to how you can fix the cracks at an affordable, or at least reduced price, is good to know. This article will answer some of the common questions you might ask regarding how auto glass insurance coverage works. 

Will insurance pay for windshield repair? 

It depends on your insurance. Suppose you have comprehensive insurance, which is the coverage granted when damages happen outside of collisions that are not in your control. In that case, the damage is covered, so generally, all you owe is your deductible. However, if you do get into an accident and the other driver is at fault, you can file a claim against them to either get their insurance to cover it or make them pay out of pocket for the damages incurred. 

In any situation, whether a car accident or something that happens out of nowhere, you should always file an autoglass insurance claim immediately after the incident. If you do not have comprehensive insurance, you will not be covered and must pay out of pocket to get the windshield fixed or replaced. 

Is auto glass covered by insurance?

If you have comprehensive coverage, the insurance company will cover any repairs. Keep in mind, you still need to pay a deductible and that price depends on the insurance company. If it is an accident caused by the other person then they would have to pay using their collision insurance if they have it, but if not, they have to pay for it somehow if it is agreed upon that it is their fault. However, if it is your fault in an accident, you will need to pay for everything with the risk of your insurance premium going up but if you have collision coverage, use that.

Will it cover cracks, chips, and complete breakage?

Depending on your insurance company, it will cover all three. If you do not, then you may have to pay a deductible depending on how big the damage is. 

Does USAA offer free windshield replacement?

In most situations, USAA will cover the windshield repairs and waive the deductible. However, if there is more severe damage to the point where the driver can not see through the window, this may call for replacing the windshield, and in that case, you will need to pay a deductible for replacing it. 

Do auto glass claims affect insurance premiums?

If you have comprehensive coverage, it should not increase your insurance premium. Since comprehensive coverage is optional, it does not directly impact your insurance premium. If you do not have comprehensive coverage, then there is a risk of your insurance premium going up, but because a cracked windshield is generally a no-fault issue, it should not have too much of an effect on your insurance. 

What type of claim should I file?

The best way to go about filing a claim is to call your insurance company and see what further steps they suggest, along with what type of claim to file if you do not have comprehensive coverage. If you do have it, you can call the insurance company and file a claim. 

Overall, if you have a cracked windshield caused by something out of your control, contact your insurance company right away.

Remember to look into your insurance in preparation for any future problems and be safe on the roads. 

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