My Glass Shower Door Won’t Stay Closed – What to Do

October 12, 2023

Last updated on February 2, 2024

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Ensuring your glass shower door remains securely closed is essential for maintaining privacy and keeping the bathroom floor dry. When you notice that your glass shower door won’t close properly, it can cause concern. Thankfully, you can take to identify and remedy the problem.

  1. Clean the Door
  2. Check the Hinges and Track
  3. Is There Something in the Way?
  4. Examine the Door Sweep/Seal
  5. Is the Door Level? ‘Plumb’ 
  6. Add a Stopper
  7. Refer to the Manual 
  8. Consult a Professional

Learn how to fix a shower door that won’t close with our easy-to-follow recommendations.

1.) Clean the Door

It might seem obvious, but soap film, mildew, and limescale can build up on your glass door and in the track, interfering with the seal. If a stray screw harbors a lot of soap scum, the door will stick in place. 

You’ll need a toothbrush, white vinegar, a spray bottle, and dish soap to clean the door properly. A Magic Eraser is another excellent tool for shower door repair and can be found at your local supermarket or hardware store.  

2.) Check the Hinges and Track

Once you have cleaned the area with vinegar, try to close the shower door. Grab a screwdriver and inspect the screws along the track if it still won’t stay closed. Tighten the ones that feel loose and test the door again. 

If the still door doesn’t remain closed, you may need to unscrew the whole track and readjust its placement before reinstalling. If your shower door is magnetic, the closures that snap the door shut might not be powerful enough and need replacing. 

Note: The distinction should be made that there are different types of shower doors (swivel, slide, open/out, frameless), and this tip may not work for all. 

3.) Is There Something in the Way?

You’ve tried 1 and 2, but your glass shower door still won’t close. There might be nothing that needs cleaning or replacing. The solution might be much more straightforward than expected. 

Investigate the glass door from top to bottom more closely – is there anything blocking the door from successfully closing? There might be a shaving razor’s translucent lid in the way, a bent screw, or part of the rubber seal bunching up. 

4.) Examine the Door Sweep/Seal

Typically made of vinyl or rubber, the seal forms a watertight barrier. Depending on the design of your shower, it might be adhered to separately or integrated into the shower structure.
When a shower door’s seal is damaged or old, it peels away. You can find shower door seal strips available online with easy-to-follow instructions. Some require you to cut them to the proper size for a secure fit. More shower door repair tools can be found at your local hardware store, like a wallpaper knife, a hacksaw, or strong pliers to cut the shower door seal.

5.) Is the Shower Door Plumb?

A misaligned or unlevel glass shower door can be another reason it doesn’t close properly. Begin by measuring the door’s height and comparing it to its corresponding wall area for levelness. Next, ensure the shower door’s top aligns with the wall, marking the correct position.

Adjustments might necessitate loosening the door, nudging it into better alignment, or reinstalling it.

6.) Add a Stopper

Using a wedge or weight is a short-term fix for a glass shower door that won’t close. Only turn to this solution if other methods prove ineffective.

Typically sold in packs of two or three, shower wedges are made from silicone and available in different shapes. Designed to be gentle on glass doors, they can also be transparent, ensuring they remain inconspicuous.

7.) Refer to the Manual 

Look at the consumer manual while the wedge keeps your shower door closed. Read through the installation, maintenance, and warranty details to understand how to proceed. 

Is there a solution that you can perform, or do you require a professional?

8.) Consult a Professional

Contacting a professional does not have to be a hassle. Research online experts in your area and give them a call or request more information through your email. They know if the glass shower door needs reinstalling, replacing, or repairing. 

Need Help?

The glass technicians at Kryger Glass are available to give you a quote and answer all of your glass repair questions. For quality satisfaction and service, head to Kryger Glass. 

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