How to Prepare Your Windows for Winter

December 17, 2018
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Staying warm is an important part of harsh winters, and keeping your windows sealed is essential to keep your home toasty! Here are five ways that you can better insulate your windows for those cold winter months.

Thermal Drapes/Curtains-

Pros: Curtains with a thermal backing can provide a barrier between the cold and your home. Drafty windows will be no match for insulating curtains; which can also match your home decor!

Cons: The trick is to find cheaper insulating drapes as they can be costly. Some thicker curtains can also block out sunlight.

Window Insulation Kits-

Pros: You can buy these nearly anywhere, and the directions are fairly easy to follow with money saving results!

The most common kits include a plastic shrink wrap that is placed on the window with double-sided tape and then shrunk down with a hair dryer to fit it to the window and smooth any wrinkles. This wrap keeps out the cold during winter months.

Cons: Watch out for older homes; the tape can sometimes remove the finish and paint off of your window sills and sides.

Weather Stripping-

Pros: Weather stripping is a simple and cheap DIY project that is effective in reducing drafts in your home. Minimal change to the appearance to windows.

Weather stripping for windows usually comes as a foam-backed adhesive, or as nail-on strips depending on the type of windows in your home.

Cons: The foam-backed adhesive usually doesn’t last as long on your windows, but the nail-on strips can last for years.

Draft Snakes-

Pros: A fun and easy DIY project for anyone who wants to save money while also personalizing your home.

Simply sew up a tube of your favorite fabric (fitting the width of your window) and fill with rice. Can also be put under doors to block drafts.

Cons: Only covers the window sill, leaving the frame and glass exposed.

Silicone Sealant-

This sealant is targeted towards older homes; as windows tend to shrink and warp over time, leaving cracks and drafts that let the cold seep in.

Pros: Lasts very long and is nearly indestructible. Discreet and clear, also won’t remove paint. Can be used on virtually any type of window.

Cons: Can be messy to install and requires cleanup.

Last but not least, analyze the overall quality of your windows. Consult an expert at Kryger before permanently altering your windows – it may be time to replace them all together.

Don’t forget about other money-saving options when it comes to heating your home. Consider space heating, thermostat monitoring, and heater maintenance.

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